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OPCO Model OP-8 Powered conveyor cleaning Brushes

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OP-08 Powered Conveyor Chain & Trolley Wheel Cleaner

The OPCO OP-08 powered conveyor brush to reduces downtime while it cleans your conveyor system. This motorized brush assembly cleans debris and buildup off of conveyor chains, trolley wheels and trolley brackets. We offer several brush set configurations for different types of conveyors. To request a quote please provide your conveyor specifications including rail type (I-beam or enclosed track) and chain size.

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OP-08 Powered Conveyor Brush Features:

  • Automatically cleans while conveyor is in operation
  • Eliminates expensive, time-consuming manual cleaning
  • Removes dirt, rust, scale, paint, and/or chemical residue
  • Brushes shaped for your conveyor, for efficient operation
  • Brush tension can be adjusted while conveyor is running
  • Reduces drag on drive motors, extending life
  • Provides proper grounding for electrostatic finishing
  • Plated hardware provides longer component life
  • Brush options available for overhead, inverted and floor conveyors
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