Conveyor Monitoring Systems

Mighty Lube head unit for permanent monitoring system for multiple conveyors

Permanent Conveyor Monitoring System

The Next Generation Permanent Conveyor Monitoring System is connected to the network and provides chain wear data and projections for up to 100 conveyor lines.

The permanent system measures chain wear in both Link by Link and 10’ sections. This system monitors drive amps, chain speed, take-up pressure and drive hours. It also provides data on lube cycles, reservoir levels, head voltage and pump cycles when combined with Mighty Lube or OPCO lubrication systems.

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Mighty Lube portable conveyor chain wear monitor

Portable Conveyor Monitoring for Multiple Lines

Mighty Lube developed a new Next Generation Portable chain wear monitoring system with the large facility clients in mind. It’s lightweight frame and battery power allows our customers to easily move the unit from one conveyor to another. In addition, user-friendly software comes preloaded on a Windows tablet and provides link by link as well as 10-foot data. Take a look at what the Portable system has to offer for your facility!

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monitoring system paint marker sprays chain in spots with high chain wear

Paint Marker

The paint marker is an optional feature that allows for automatic marking of worn links or areas that exceed company set parameters on inverted or overhead conveyor chains. It connects to the Monitoring Head Unit and can be moved from one conveyor to another.

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Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring software details screen

Conveyor Monitoring System Software Screen (Detailed data shown available with Permanent Systems Software)

conveyor monitoring system icon

Collect vital conveyor data

Conveyor monitoring has many benefits. Some of the major benefits include extended equipment life, lower energy consumption and accurately pinpointing chain wear. These aspects prevent downtime and save money.

Mighty Lube launched the Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System in September 2016. The Next Generation system collects, displays, and monitors the maintenance data of your conveyor. This state-of -the-art system provides the latest technology for predictive and preventative conveyor maintenance.

Most importantly, the Next Generation System provides notifications for vital conveyor parameters. It does so by alerting you, both by email and on screen, when any condition exceeds limits. These alerts prevent conveyor downtime and allow you to better plan for routine maintenance with fewer interruptions to production.

Mighty Lube Conveyor Monitoring

Improved features of the Next Generation System:

  • Detailed lubrication reports and settings changes*
  • New and improved analytical data
  • Dog pitch spacing monitoring
  • Several new color conditions
  • Supports up to Windows 10 PC

*Lubrication reports and settings only available in Permanent Monitor PLUS Lubrication models.

Chain Wear Monitoring for any facility size

Mighty Lube offers conveyor chain wear monitoring solutions for facilities of all sizes. By offering three types of monitoring units we can help facilities that have only one line as well expansive facilities with buildings spanning miles apart. All of our units give your maintenance staff the ability to detect chain wear link by link. Preventative maintenance measures like this will save your company time and money, as well as provide a safer workplace for employees.

Explore the family of Mighty Lube Conveyor Monitoring Systems:

Next Generation Launch Video

Mighty Lube launched the Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System at Nissan North America, Smyrna in 2016.

This video includes detailed information on applying this system to conveyor maintenance operations. You can watch the video after you register via the link below.

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Anthony Brown, Vice President of Mighty Lube, Presenting the Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring at the 2016 product launch at Nissan in Smyrna, Tennessee