Conveyor Monitoring Systems

Mighty Lube, the industry leader in conveyor monitoring and lubrication, is pleased to introduce our Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System. Launched in September 2016, the Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System provides the latest technology for preventive and predictive maintenance. If you are looking for the best conveyor maintenance tool that collects, displays, and predicts the maintenance aspects of your conveyor, we assure you that you will not find another product like this.

Our Conveyor Monitoring Systems provide the perfect solution for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance for all types of conveyors. Click below to explore the family of Mighty Lube Conveyor Monitoring Systems.

Permanent Monitoring Systems

Mighty Lube Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System - Permanent Model

Portable Monitoring System

Mighty Lube® Portable Conveyor Monitoring System

Single Line Monitoring Systems

Front Side of the Single Line Mighty Lube Conveyor Monitoring System monitors conveyor chain wear link by link

The Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System was launched at Nissan North America, Smyrna. You can see the video of the presentation when you register via the link below. The video includes more detailed technical information on how this system can be applied in conveyor maintenance operations.


Mighty Next Gen Conveyor Monitoring Launch Video Preview