Permanent Conveyor Monitoring System

Introducing our new and improved Next Generation Permanent Conveyor Monitoring System. Utilizing our proven technology and expertise, we have expanded the networked monitoring system that our customers have come to rely on.

We still provide the most reliable chain wear data and projections. With this system, you can measure chain wear in both Link by Link and 10’ sections as well as monitoring drive amps, chain speed, take-up pressure and drive hours. This permanent conveyor monitoring system also provides data on lube cycles, reservoir levels, head voltage and pump cycles when combined with a Mighty Lube or OPCO lubrication systems.

We listened to our customers while redesigning our Conveyor Monitoring System and added a number of new features you can depend on.

Valuable new features and options:


    • Added lubrication screens which time stamp lubrication cycles and changes.
    • New analytical data screens, such as long term chain wear average.
    • Rearrange and deactivate station addresses to group conveyors on the screen in a way that makes sense for your facility.
    • Data export to .xml and .csv formats allow users greater versatility to prepare customized reports.
    • Data Collection Unit can be restarted of from the software.
    • New Critical Alarms and Color Conditions:


  • (Chain Error) Adjustable Alarm for Reservoir Level
  • New Color (Blue) notification for showing when system in Lubrication Cycle
  • New Color (Orange) alert for switch error requiring recalibration or cleaning


  • New settings allow for more flexibility of email notifications.
  • Scrollable graphs provide the ability to see specific data more accurately.
  • Updated user-friendly dashboard with more efficient features.
  • Time stamped notes field to record changes and conditions on individual systems.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 as well as most previous versions of Windows.

Our Conveyor Monitoring Systems provide the perfect solution to Predictive & Preventive Conveyor Maintenance!

Additional Software Screenshots

Conveyor Monitoring System Data Screenshots showing predictive maintenance data

Optional Paint Marker – Marks Worn Links in Conveyor Chain

Optional Paint marker for conveyor monitor system to mark worn links on conveyor chain

  • Allows for automatic marking of worn links or areas that exceed company set parameters
  • Portable – can be moved from one conveyor to another
  • Power and control provided from Monitoring Head Unit
  • Utilizes Standard Aerosol Paint Can (not included)
  • Includes 8-ft. control cable
  • Available for Inverted and Overhead Conveyors

Permanent Conveyor Monitoring System Models

  • 9100M (Richards-Wilcox Enclosed Overhead Conveyor)
  • 9101M (Unibilt/Rapid Enclosed Overhead Conveyor)
  • 9103M (3” Overhead Monorail Conveyor)
  • 9104-4M (4” Overhead Monorail x458 Conveyor)
  • 9104-6M (4” Overhead Monorail x678 Conveyor)
  • Additional models available for Inverted and Specialty Conveyors

Permanant Conveyor Monitoring systems for Enclosed track and i-beam conveyors.