Single Line Conveyor Monitoring System

This stationary system will only monitor one conveyor line. It is permanent so it cannot be moved between conveyor lines. This single line conveyor monitoring system is ideal for shops with one inverted or overhead conveyor. We also take custom orders for other specialty conveyor systems.

Have more than one conveyor line in your shop? For monitoring multiple conveyor lines see our Permanent or Portable Monitoring Systems.

Permanant Single Line Conveyor Monitoring system by Mighty Lube

Product Details

Rear view of Permanant Conveyor monitoring system for single overhead or inverted conveyor line

  • Monitors Conveyor Chain Wear – Link by Link and 10’ wear
  • Display and print graphs and data
  • Utilizes the latest Patented Technology
  • Single Line Software License and Program Included
  • Includes Windows-based tablet with USB Connection
  • Requires 110 volt power

Software Screenshots

Software screenshots from Permanant Single Line Conveyor Monitoring System from Mighty Lube

Optional Paint Marker

Paint Marker for conveyor monitoring system to mark exact location of chain wear on conveyor line

  • Allows for automatic marking of worn links or areas that exceed company set parameters
  • Portable – can be moved from one conveyor to another
  • Power and control provided from Monitoring Head Unit
  • Utilizes Standard Aerosol Paint Can (not included)
  • Includes 8-ft. control cable
  • Available for Inverted and Overhead Conveyors

Single Line Conveyor Monitoring Models

  • 5700M (RW Enclosed Overhead Conveyor)
  • 5701M (UNI/Rapid Enclosed Overhead Conveyor)
  • 5703M (3” Overhead Monorail Conveyor)
  • 5704-4M (4” w/x458 Overhead Conveyor)
  • 5704-6M (4” w/x678 Overhead Conveyor)
  • Additional models available for Inverted and Specialty Conveyors