Food Processing Industry Conveyor Maintenance

Mighty Lube has created conveyor maintenance equipment and lubricants to meet the specific needs of food industry manufacturers including poultry plants. Our food processing conveyor lubricators, monitoring systems and H1 lubricants have been tested and proven to provide significant cost savings in food industry conveyor operations.

Food Processing Conveyor Lubrication and Monitoring System

Introducing Mighty Lube Industrial 4.0 Technology to the food processing industry, utilizing our 35 years of expertise and technology proven within the automotive market.

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  • Projects chain life based on historic chain wear
  • Displays seven color conditions to quickly analyze conveyor chains
  • Durable, waterproof, stainless steel construction to withstand harsh food processing environment
  • Real-time data reported for each monitored conveyor showing chain vitals as well as lubrication cycles
  • Monitors conveyor chain wear: Link-by-Link and 10’ Wear
  • Analytics of conveyor vitals and chain wear
  • Windows-based software has no license fees and can be viewed on any compatible device within the network
  • Data collection unit can process and store data for up to 100 conveyors


  • Ability to monitor up to eight drive motors and four counterweight or pneumatic take-ups
  • Utilizing the Vitals tool will help minimize the causes of excessive wear
  • Detects drive balance issues
  • Alerts user when it is time to replace shackles during scheduled downtime
  • Records and time-stamps lubrication cycles
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Mighty Lube® Model 8003
Stainless Steel Conveyor Lubricator Shroud

Encloses Mighty Lube® Conveyor Lubrication Systems located over walkways or high traffic areas.


  • Limits movement of debris and vapor surrounding the lubricator
  • Eliminates lubricant overspray
  • Wipes excess lubricant from chain
  • Includes ½ inch stainless coupler fitting for drain hose
  • Hinges for easy access to monitor
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Food Industry Conveyor Cleaning

OP-08SS Powered Brush Assembly

The Aluminum and Stainless Steel OP-08 Powered Brush assembly cleans the chains and trolley for conveyors in food industry plants. The OP-8 powered brush assembly cleans conveyor chains, trolley wheels and trolley brackets. It fits every size of overhead monorail or power & free conveyor.

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Model OP-08SS

  • Anti Corrosive Material
  • Removes debris and residue
  • Brushes shaped for your conveyor, for efficient operation
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Food Grade Conveyor Lubricant

Type CG-H1 Food-Grade Lubricant

Mighty Lube Type CG-H1 Lubricant is a food-grade lubricant formulated to provide the benefits most desired in food packing plants. CG-H1 Lubricant is formulated for use on trolleys, chains, and conveyors in high wash-down areas such as main kill chains and evis chains in poultry plants. Type CG-H1 meets the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact).

CG-H1 both lubricates and helps to clean which aids in extending conveyor chain and rail life, reducing maintenance costs.

example of clean conveyor trolley using cg-h1 food grade lubricant

  • FDA-Approved Ingredients
  • Provides Unsurpassed Lubricity
  • Superior Rust Protection
  • Non-drip Characteristics
  • Anti-wear Additives
  • Aids in removing old oil, dirt, animal hair and fats
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