Conveyor Maintenance Equipment Training

MOCS Training station with Mighty Lube and OPCO equipment

Mighty Lube and OPCO Training Courses

Next Training Class February 22nd and 23rd 2024.

Industry 4.0 (Digital Acceleration) solves many maintenance challenges by implementing strategies as well as using new technology to improve on current maintenance programs. OPCO Lubrication Systems teamed up with Mighty Lube to create a conveyor maintenance training program that addresses these strategies.

The Mighty Lube OPCO Certified Specialist (MOCS) course is specially designed to provide a more in-depth way of learning how to establish a successful conveyor chain lubrication and monitoring program. The course includes hands-on training to better understand and maintain the OPCO and Mighty Lube equipment lines.

The Mighty Lube OPCO Protein Class (MOPC) certification is specifically designed to provide in-depth training of the conveyor chain lubricating and monitoring program for the food industry. MOPC includes hands-on instructional training to fully understand and maintain the OPCO and Mighty Lube equipment lines.

Mighty Lube and OPCO partnered with Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) training center to provide this MOCS course at their facility just outside of Nashville. TCAT is a shared technical college with Nissan and the State of Tennessee.

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Mighty Lube and OPCO Certified Specialists

View participants of past MOCS and MOPC certification courses. Also click the link button to view a list of Certified Specialists that earned their certification from these conveyor maintenance training programs.

Certification Extensions: Upon successful completion and submission of a case study with the Mighty Lube Next Generation Monitoring and Lubrication System, the certified specialist will have their MOCS or MOPC certification extended by 2 years. Case study submissions should be sent to for approval. Another exam over the MOCS or MOPC material will be administered to review understanding of the material. 

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