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Conveyor Chain Lubricant

On top of being one of the top rated manufacturers of automatic conveyor lubrication equipment, Mighty Lube also creates industrial conveyor chain lubricant. Lubricating your conveyor chain properly can save your facility time and money that otherwise would be spent on repairs and maintenance. Whether you are maintaining a conveyor that goes through high temp ovens or through moisture from wash bays, we have a lubricant for your needs.

These are some of the lubricants that we have to offer. The products listed below work in Mighty Lube automatic conveyor lubricators unless otherwise noted.

*Higher Viscosity Lubricant, for use in OPCO Lubricators. Not compatible with Mighty Lube Lubricators which require a Thin Film Type lubricant.

If you need the SDS Safety Data Sheet for any of our conveyor lubricants or greases please call us at +1-231-924-6011 or contact us.

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