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Caterpillar Drive Lubricators

Enhance your conveyor lubrication system with the Caterpillar Drive Lubricators, strategically mounted at the conveyor drives for optimal performance. These units are highly recommended additions to ensure efficient lubrication. Specifically designed to lubricate the caterpillar drive chain and dogs, they seamlessly operate in conjunction with the conveyor lubricator’s controller. Elevate the longevity and functionality of your conveyor system by integrating the Caterpillar Drive Lubricators into your setup.

New Features Brought To You By Caterpillar Drive Lubricators

  • Chain pin lubrication
  • Controlled, Powered, and Supplied by the 9109L/7110D


  • 50′ Seven Conductor Wire & 50′ Lubricant Supply Tubing (1/4″ nylon tubing standard)

Model 9125CD
Caterpillar Drive Chain Pin Lubricator
Model 9126CD (Back Up Drives)
Auxillary Cat Drive Chain Pin Lubricator

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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