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The Vital Role of a Lube Champion in Industrial Facilities

In the hectic world of industrial facilities, the smooth operation of conveyor systems is the backbone of efficiency and productivity. Amidst the business, one critical element often flies under the radar: conveyor lubricant. Without proper lubrication, the conveyor chain can suffer from increased wear and tear, leading to costly breakdowns and downtime. Enter the unsung hero of maintenance: the Lube Champion.

Empowering Efficiency

The Lube Champion is a designated personnel responsible for overseeing the conveyor lubrication systems. This individual is not just someone who applies lubricant oil; they are a crucial part of the maintenance team. They ensure the system operates at its best. One of the primary roles of the Lube Champion is safety. Educated about the system, they can provide valuable information on how to work around and on the equipment safely.

The expertise of a Lube Champion extends beyond applying lubricant; it encompasses a deep understanding of conveyor chain lubrication systems and materials. This includes:

  • Knowing the difference between environmental and external factors that can impact the lubrication of conveyor chains.
  • Understanding when to use High Viscosity vs. Low Viscosity, which is crucial for performance consistency across a range of operating conditions.

With this knowledge, they handpick the most efficient grease lubricant or lube oil for the conveyor system. Their choice ensures consistent performance across varying conditions.

Becoming a Lube Champion

Here’s the kicker: a Lube Champion isn’t born overnight. They’re made through specialized training, like the Mighty Lube OPCO Certified Specialist (MOCS) course. This program offers a comprehensive learning experience tailored to establishing highly effective conveyor chain lubrication and conveyor monitoring programs. Through hands-on training, participants gain a thorough understanding of the equipment lines from OPCO and Mighty Lube. From this, they learn best maintenance practices and become equipped to confidently lead the maintenance team. They move on to effectively manage the conveyor lubrication program and maximize the system’s performance and longevity.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial facilities, “Lube Champion” isn’t just a title; their an industrial lubricator committed to excellence. Here’s to the unsung heroes behind the scenes, empowering efficiency one well-lubricated conveyor at a time.

Mighty Lube OPCO Certified Specialist (MOCS) course

Mighty Lube OPCO Certified Specialist (MOCS) course.

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