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In this case study, we’ll look into how the use of the Mighty Lube system significantly improved the operations of a Roofing Company based in the USA, resulting in smoother, cleaner, and more efficient running of their machinery.

Reservoir and Lubricant

The Mighty Lube system incorporates a heavy-duty, anti-wear lubricant known as the Mighty Lube Type LDM Lubricant. This lubricant, supplied in a 55-gallon drum (Item No. LDM55), is a synthetic ester/MoS2 base. It is a high-quality ashless lubricant that does not build up or varnish, making it perfect for heavy-duty industrial applications. Its temperature range spans from -55F to 550F, which allows it to hold up extremely well even at high temperatures.

Some of the key benefits of this lubricant include its ability to withstand extreme industrial conveyor applications, reduce and remove particles left from inferior lubricants and oils, and perform excellently around moisture or wash lines. Additionally, it cuts lubricant consumption and has a high flash point, making it efficient and safe for use in a variety of industrial settings.

Auto Lubrication and Chain Monitoring with FPL Mighty Lube

Upon integration of the Mighty Lube system, the torque in the company’s machinery decreased by approximately 20%. This resulted in less oil being used and on a less frequent basis. Prior to using Mighty Lube, the company was using about one 55-gallon drum of Lubecon every three weeks. With Mighty Lube, they were on target to use one drum every two to two and a half months. This significant reduction in oil usage led to cost savings and improved efficiency. Furthermore, the chains in the machinery ran noticeably smoother and cleaner, further enhancing the efficiency of the operations.

Identifying and Addressing Chain Wear

One of the standout features of the Mighty Lube system is its ability to monitor chain wear accurately. Within 24 hours of use, it was able to identify a broken link (#139) in the machinery chain. This gave the company the ability to see the exact wear of each chain link, enabling them to address issues promptly and prevent further damage.

Mighty Lube Update: Benefits and Improvements

Since implementing the Mighty Lube system, the Roofing Company has seen numerous benefits and improvements in their operations.

These include:

  1. No longer has to Dry Ice Blast chain and chain track to remove sand and other contaminants. Which in turn, releases maintenance time to work on other projects.
  2. All sprockets were replaced and aligned with Oasis
  3. All Chain Track wear beds were replaced due to grooving and wear
  4. The lubrication cycle was identified to maintain the lowest torque
  5. Reliability techs are now monitoring and adjusting sensors and ski-bars
  6. The amount of sand in the system decreased by 60%
  7. Meetings with Motion and Tsubaki reps to determine next steps for the chain
  8. The chain is traveling better, loop forming jams have decreased, and other adjustments have been made to improve the chain condition

Next Step: Brush Assemblies for Chain Cleaning

The company plans to implement brush assemblies for chain cleaning, courtesy of Ruben Cavazos, Innovation Manager at Shafter. This next step will further enhance the efficiency and longevity of their machinery, paving the way for even better performance in the future.

In conclusion, the Mighty Lube system has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Roofing Company, drastically improving their operations and contributing to the overall success of their business. This case study serves as a testament to the power and efficiency of Mighty Lube, emphasizing its potential to transform industrial operations.

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