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Since 2007, Mighty Lube has worked closely with Nissan North America to provide the most efficient conveyor maintenance solutions for their operations. Nissan presented the following internal press release outlining the benefits their teams in Smyrna and Canton have observed after implementing Mighty Lube Lubrication and Monitoring Systems in their manufacturing facilities.

Nissan Internal Press Release:

Here at Nissan, we live by our Mindset and Actions to enhance our successes.

Through cross-functional/cross-cultural cooperation with Engineering, Maintenance, Yates Services, we have successfully put standards into place to allow us to track forecast and plan for the chain replacements on a JIT basis since 2007.

With the support of management, and the cooperative efforts of all involved we have made continual improvements on this journey and have proved it to be beneficial in many ways, particularly in planning and being proactive in a part of reaching our Cost Reduction Goals.

I want to thank the management and the assigned team members from all groups in realizing the importance for this program and participating in the ongoing process. One of the benefits of our monthly meeting is the “Leaner” Mindset where we share our lessoned learned across the plants. We also use this time when requested to review and discuss process and or potential product improvements such as our Benchmark efforts to apply the most cost-effective Chain Lubrication and Monitoring Systems available on the market.

From this, and the Pilot trials first implemented in 2009, we have continually learned and applied the advantages of the use of the Mighty Lube Lubrication/Monitoring systems within our plants. This process improvement through the transition from simple lubrication to detailed monitoring has afforded us a beneficial advantage. We are now utilizing this equipment in “all” of our critical chains in both Smyrna and Canton.

Throughout this journey Mighty Lube has provided NNA with much needed support, training, and upgrades as requested. In an effort of continual learning and improvement, Mighty Lube partnered with Maintenance and engineering to identify, refine, and implement major changes for improvement. As the timing could not have been better; Mighty Lube was already well underway on their own improvement efforts for functionality and usability. They have successfully included our requested upgrades in this major revision release.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review these upgrades. I trust you will find them beneficial to your PM’s.

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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