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Mighty Lube conveyor cleaning brushes help to keep your conveyors running at their best. We offer conveyor trolley and chain cleaners as well as track, rail and yoke cleaning brushes.

Conveyor brushes work to remove and prevent accumulation of build-up and debris. By doing this, conveyor cleaning systems reduce part contamination and improve grounding necessary on powder and e-coat lines. Mighty Lube non-powered brush assemblies have replaceable brushes which are easy to install and do not require the removal of the entire unit.

We offer cleaning systems that fit all major monorail I-beam and enclosed track style conveyors, including Richards-Wilcox, Unibilt, and Rapid. For information on brushes for other conveyor types, please contact us.

Mighty Lube Non-Powered I-Beam Conveyor Chain Cleaners are a brush system that cleans the chain and trolleys on I-Beam conveyors as the chain travels. This chain cleaning brush assembly removes debris which helps to reduce rejects without contaminating parts. The chain cleaner adjusts to contact hard to reach points and is spring loaded to prevent jamming if a hanger passes at an odd angle.

Features Include:

  • Easy installation
  • The Conveyor Trolley Yoke Cleaning Brush clamps on top of the I-Beam
  • No welding necessary
  • Available in 3″, 4″ and 6″ I-beam

Models With Crimped Steel Wire

300-I for 3″ I-Beam | 400-I for 4″ I-Beam | 600-I for 6″ I-Beam

I-Beam Chain & Trolley Cleaning Brushes (Crimped Steel Brushes)

Steel Replacement Brushes
Crimped Carbon Steel Material
Part: 75RB (20 required for replacement on complete unit)

300I / 400I / 600I INSTRUCTIONS

Models With Nylon Brushes

300-INB for 3″ I-Beam | 400-INB for 4″ I-Beam | 600-INB for 6″ I-Beam

I-Beam Chain & Trolley Cleaning Brushes (Long-Life, Carbide-Impregnated Nylon Brushes)

Nylon Replacement Brushes
Long-Life, Carbide-Impregnated Nylon Brushes
Part: 75NRB (20 required for replacement on complete unit)

300I / 400I / 600I INSTRUCTIONS

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