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New Features Brought To You By The I-Beam Conveyor Head Unit

Introducing the I-Beam Conveyor Head Unit, equipped with a fully programmable user interface for ultimate control and flexibility. To ensure optimal performance, it is essential to utilize a Central Pumping Reservoir with Power Supply in conjunction with this unit. For convenience, the I-Beam Conveyor Head Units are pre-mounted on modified rail sections, unless otherwise specified in the notes. Upgrade your conveyor system today and experience the seamless integration and advanced functionality offered by the I-Beam Conveyor Head Unit.

Features Include:

  • Easy-to-use keypad
  • Password access for authorized users
  • LCD display showing current conveyor chain link, chain speed, and programmed values
  • Adjustable parameters include lubricant cycles, lubricant shot volume, chain link number, and chain pitch
  • Additional inputs to control other lubrication points, other lubricators, and an automatic greaser for sealed trolley wheel

Model 9503L – 3″ Monorail Overhead Conveyor Lubricator

Model 9503INVL – 3″ Inverted Conveyor Lubricator

Model 9504L – 4″ Monorail Overhead Conveyor Lubricator

Model 9504INVL – 4″ Inverted Conveyor Lubricator

Model 9506L – 6″ Monorail Overhead Conveyor Lubricator

Model 9506INVL – 6″ Inverted Conveyor Lubricator

All Models Lubricate: Chain Pins and Trolley Bearings

Units are also available for most all other conveyor manufacturers

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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