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Easy-to-transport chain wear monitoring system for facilities with multiple conveyor lines


Mighty Lube developed a new Next Generation Portable chain wear monitoring system for facilities with several conveyor lines spaced far apart. This system was engineered with the customer in mind. It has a lightweight frame and battery power allowing you to easily move the unit from one conveyor to another. The portable unit includes a Windows tablet that is preloaded with user-friendly software which provides both link by link and 10-foot data.

If you have multiple lines that are located in the same building within a close proximity, we recommend our Permanent system.

Portable Monitoring System Features:

  • Monitors Conveyor Chain Wear – Link by Link and 10’ wear
  • Pinpoint exact location of worn areas
  • Detects direction of chain travel
  • Display and print graphs and data
  • Utilizes the latest Patented Technology
  • Multi-line (Portable) Software License and Program Included
  • Includes Windows-based tablet with USB Connection
  • Clamps on conveyor rail for ease in mounting
  • Adjustable to accommodate different chain sizes
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Rechargeable battery provided

Portable Models

  • 6304-4/6M (4″ overhead monorail x458/x678 conveyor)
  • Framework available to adapt for 3″ overhead monorail x348 conveyor
  • Additional framework available for inverted conveyor.
  • Optional Paint Marker Add-on

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