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Mighty Lube® 2200L Series Self-Contained Lubricators (Single Line)

Mighty Lube Single Line Conveyor Lubrication Systems are an all-in-one lubricator made for lubricating a single conveyor line. This unit consists of a 5.5 gallon tank on top of the lubricating head unit. As with all Mighty Lube lubricators, the single-line unit properly lubricates conveyor chains and open trolley bearings. As a result, the conveyor life is extended and manufacturing efficiency is increased. And unlike some lubrication methods in use today, Mighty Lube automatic conveyor lubricators place a precise shot of lubricant at each lubrication point, eliminating waste and droplets.

Available for Enclosed Track, I-Beam, Power and Free and other conveyor types.

Benefits of the Mighty Lube Single-Line Lubricator:

  • Available for most conveyor configurations
  • An ideal solution and excellent value for customers with one or only a few conveyor lines
  • Requires no plant air for operation
  • Economical to operate
  • Easy to install: Simply weld the supplied modified rail/track section into the existing rail/track, hook up the power, and begin lubricating!

Series 2200 Self-Contained Conveyor Lubricator Features:

Patented Microprocessor Controls make operation for Mighty Lube conveyor lubrication systems as easy as pushing a button. The simple step-by-step menu can be programmed easily, with no complicated readouts or switches to set.

  • 5.5-gallon capacity heavy-duty steel reservoir with solvent-resistant finish
  • Lubricant level gauge
  • Low-level audio alarm
  • Programmable microprocessor controller includes:
    – Easy to use keypad
    – Password access for authorized users
    – LCD display showing current conveyor chain link, chain speed, and programmed values
    – Adjustable parameters include lubricant cycles, lubricant shot volume, chain link number, and chain pitch
    – Additional inputs to control other lubrication points, other lubricators, and automatic greasers for sealed trolley wheels
  • During lubrication cycles, the lubricant pump is activated by conveyor power chain motion
  • Memory circuit to automatically resume if power is interrupted
  • Extended range proximity sensor to detect lubrication points
  • Premounted on a modified section of rail/track ready to be welded into place
  • Operating voltage – 120VAC, 60 Hz

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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