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Collect Vital Conveyor Data

Mighty Lube launched the Next Generation Conveyor Monitoring System in September 2016. The Next Generation system collects, displays, and continually monitors the maintenance data of your conveyor. This state-of-the-art system provides the latest technology for predictive and preventative conveyor maintenance.

Conveyor monitoring has many benefits. Major benefits include extended equipment life, lower energy consumption, and accurate chain wear detection. These innovations help prevent downtime and save money.

Most importantly, the Next Generation System provides notifications for vital conveyor parameters. It does so by alerting you, both by email and on screen, when any condition exceeds limits. These alerts prevent conveyor downtime and allow you to better plan for routine maintenance with fewer interruptions to production.

Improved Next Gen Features:

  • Detailed lubrication reports and settings changes*
  • New and improved analytical data
  • Dog pitch spacing monitoring
  • Several new color conditions
  • Supports up to Windows 10 PC

*Lubrication reports and settings only available in Permanent Monitor PLUS Lubrication models.

Chain Wear Monitoring for any facility size

Mighty Lube offers conveyor chain wear monitoring solutions for facilities of all sizes. With three monitoring unit models, we can help facilities with just one line or expansive facilities with buildings miles apart. Our solutions enable maintenance staff to detect chain wear link by link. Preventative maintenance measures like these save time and money and improve workplace safety.

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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