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Mighty Lube has worked with the Canvas’ Envision software for close to a year now on manuals, product catalogs, and MOCS Educational Training Course material. We have built an amazing relationship with the Canvas family throughout our time using their software. With their phenomenal support, we have been able to bring even the craziest ideas to life. Regardless of how many times we need a question answered the Canvas team is always there to set up a zoom call and help figure it out.

That is why we were more than honored when Canvas GFX reached out to write a case study on how their Envision software has helped us create next level literature. Our Marketing Manager- Mikayla Boucher worked with them on a press release and case study showcasing our experience with the Envision software and the Canvas company in general. We honed in on the time savings it has created for Mikayla, how we are now able to digitalize what used to be easily lost manuals and, the future plans we have with using Envision. Including, creating QR codes that are able to stick on to each product so our consumers can have easy access to manual when/if their paper copy gets lost. This will have a huge cost savings for our sales team who will no longer have to take calls over questions that are easily answered in our manuals.

To read the full case study on how the Envision software has helped us, please click the link below.

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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