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Central Conveyor Lubrication Systems

Mighty Lube Central Conveyor Lubrication Systems are networked and can properly lubricate several conveyors, extending chain life and increasing manufacturing efficiency. They consist of a power supply and conveyor lubrication tank unit that connects to a network of head units, one located at each conveyor line. Unlike some lubrication methods in use today, Mighty Lube industrial lubricators place a precise shot of lubricant at each lubrication point, therefore eliminating waste and droplets.

Improved Next Gen Features:

  • Detailed lubrication reports and settings changes*
  • New and improved analytical data
  • Dog pitch spacing monitoring
  • Several new color conditions
  • Supports up to Windows 10 PC

*Lubrication reports and settings only available in Permanent Monitor PLUS Lubrication models.

Mighty Lube Systematic Lubrication, Inc. produces the highest quality and most user-friendly industrial lubrication equipment available. Patented microprocessor controls make operation as easy as pushing a button. The simple step-by-step menu can be programmed easily, with no complicated readouts or switches to set.

Conveyor Lubrication Reservoir Tank & Power Supply Equipped with:

  • Full user interface for programming
  • 1/3HP TEFC pump drive motor
  • Heavy duty rotor gear pump
  • Flow sensing device to detect severed lube line, shut down pump motor, and activate audio/visual alarm
  • Heavy duty steel reservoir with solvent-resistant finish
  • Automatic pump motor start and stop circuit
  • Low level audio/visual alarm
  • Lubricant empty audio/visual alarm with pump motor shut down circuit
  • Operating voltage – 120VAC, 60Hz, 15A

Head Units are equipped with:

  • A Programmable microprocessor controller which includes:
    • An easy-to-use keypad
    • Password access for authorized users
    • LCD display showing current conveyor chain link, chain speed, in addition to programmed values
    • Adjustable parameters for lubricant cycles, lubricant shot volume, chain link number, as well as chain pitch
    • Additional inputs to control other lubrication points, other lubricators, and an automatic greaser for sealed trolley wheels
  • Memory circuit to automatically resume if power is interrupted
  • Extended range proximity sensor to detect lubrication points
  • Lubricant delivery nozzles configured to lubricate specified lubrication points
  • Premounted on a modified section of track/rail ready to be welded into place
  • Operating voltage – 24VDC supplied by the Central pumping reservoir tank and Power Control Unit

Advanced Lubrication & Monitoring Systems For Manufactures.

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